How The World Sees The U.S. Presidential Election

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CNN –The U.S. presidential race isn't only drawing attention and controversy in the United States- it`s being closely watched across the globe. But what does the rest of the world think about a campaign that has already thrown up one surprise after another?

CNN asked 10 journalists for their take on the race so far, and what their country might be hoping for in America`s next president.

Foreign Exchange Market Insights

Foreign Exchange Market Insights Video Thumbnail October 2016

OTC - Canada has taken a back seat to U.S. for North American news. As the U.S. Federal election approaches, on November 8th there are market jitters should the Republicans take over office from the Democrats. With both Canada and Mexico to be effected by a Donald Trump victory,the biggest fear is that Trump carries through with his promise to repeal the long standing NAFTA agreement. And of course globally...

Oil Industry Teetered 'Close to Bankruptcy' But Experts See Signs of Hope

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CBC–As the Canadian oil patch slowly emerges from a two-year price collapse, one investor suggests the industry would have gone belly up if the downturn dragged on for another year...

How The Election Will Really Effect Your Investments

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TIME–Emotions are running high in this campaign. And that-not any candidate`s policies–is the real threat to your portfolio. Here`s how to drown out the noise...