Foreign Exchange Market Insights

Foreign Exchange Market Insights Video Thumbnail November 2015

The last month has not been without surprises in the currency markets. Driven by oil, policy changes on the horizon and other global events, Olympia Currency Trader recaps what has transpired and what may lay ahead.

Top Currency Forecasters Predict Rough Year Ahead For The Loonie

Canadian loonies with the Canadian flag in the background

The New York-based bank has joined Australia’s Macquarie Group Ltd., both among the 10 most accurate currency forecasters, in predicting the Canadian dollar will drop almost 9 per cent next year.

Could Oil Drop To $20 Before We See A Recovery?

oils rigs in the sunset

Investors are betting on the low oil price staying lower for even longer after OPEC’s decision to abandon their current productions ceiling. This news pushed oil down 6%, reaching its lowest point in nearly seven years.

Is QE 2 Around The Corner For The ECB?

Euro symbol statue in front of office buildings

With the markets caught off guard, the euro surged nearly 4 percent against the U.S. dollar after the ECB’s decision was announced.