Foreign Exchange Market Insights

Foreign Exchange Market Insights Video Thumbnail January 2016

January was one of the most volatile months the markets have seen in some time. Driven by oil prices, and global markets, we recap what has transpired and what may lay ahead.

Global Turmoil Punishes The Stock Market

Stock Market Numbers - Bear Market - Arrow Going Down

The first few weeks of January charted some of the worst stock market performances on record. Although there was a strong rally closing the month, is this an indicator of what we can expect for 2016?

Oil...Is There An End In Sight?

Oil rigs in a winter sunset

Oil hit a 12 year low in January leaving analysts split as to whether we have seen the bottom yet. Dropping almost 20% in the month and then rebounding in the last week, there are many questioning if we have seen the bottom yet.

Where Are Interest Rates Going?

Bank of Canada and Federal Reserve Symbols with electronic stock market chart background

With all the turmoil in the markets in January, central banks around the world are being watched very closely by the markets.