Foreign Exchange Market Insights

Foreign Exchange Market Insights Video Thumbnail February 2016

We are now 2 full months into 2016 and there is little clarity as to what to expect from the Canadian Dollar. After hitting 13 year lows versus the US Dollar in Mid January, we’ve seen a material correction and the Loonie is now...

How Electric Cars May Cause The Next Oil Crisis

Supply and demand image with and oil barrel and a car on a scale

Bloomberg's new animated web series Sooner Than You Think, which examines some of the biggest transformations in human history that haven't happened quite yet.

Global Uncertainties Dominate The Headlines

silhouette of two men talking with background of many nation flags

Global uncertainty continues to be the center of headlines these days with the Brexit being front and center.

The Bank Of Canada Shifts Focus To Fiscal Stimulus

Bank of Canada Building

With the risks of a weakening currency and the possibility that the Bank of Canada could move closer to a zero rate policy, the BoC has shifted their attention...