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Foreign Currencies                                            Security & Compliance

Olympia handles nearly 130 foreign currencies, allowing us    Olympia Trust fully complies with the policies and procedures of the
to provide you with global currency service. Our              agencies governing against money laundering and terrost nancing in the
sophisticated banking systems allow us to process payments    countries we do business in.
worldwide, often quicker than other nancial institutions. To
access our list of available currencies visit our webpage at  All information on the new customer form is essential in the process of
http://fx.olympiatrust.com/currency-exchange/                 compliance with the following agencies.

                                                              Canada                      United States        United Kingdom

                                                              Financial Transactions and  Financial Crimes     Serious Organized Crime
                                                              Reports Analysis Centre of  Enforcement Network  Agency
                                                              www. ntrac.gc.ca            www. ncen.com        www.soca.gov.uk

                                                              Our Commitment to Service

                                                                  Simple Account Set up
                                                                  Same Day delivery and bank transfers at no charge
                                                                  Advanced Market Orders
                                                                  Global Wire Transfers and secure drafts
                                                                  Short and Long Term forward contracts
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