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FX Foreign        Market Orders
                   Do you have exibility in your payments and cash ow and are looking to use that exibility
                   as an advantage? Olympia’s sophisticated trading platform allows our clients to enter
                   market orders at a set exchange rate. Our system monitors the currency market and if the
                   market reaches your desired rate your order is lled, and we will contact you to complete
                   the transaction. Market orders can lower your costs and improve your bottom line by
                   allowing you more control over when the transaction takes place and at what rate.
                   Turn your exibility into an advantage.

                   Spot Transactions

                      A "Spot" transaction is one that takes place at current market pricing. Most customers utilize
                          Spot transactions for some or all of their foreign currency exchange transaction. Olympia Trust
                                  Company operates on a sophisticated trading platform that provides up to the second updates on
                                        the foreign currency exchange market. Contact one of our Foreign Currency Exchange Specialists on
                                                 one of our trade oors and they will provide you with the live market rate. If you want to proceed with the
                                                            funds purchase, we will purchase the funds for you, receive your payment and direct your funds
                                                                  anywhere you want them to go.

                                                                                Have an immediate need to pay a supplier in Europe or around the globe? No problem,
                                                                                    call one of our Foreign Exchange Specialists and we will get you started.

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