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FX Foreign

              Personalized Service

                                        Your Time is Valuable. The currency markets are volatile and complex; allow Olympia to be your “in-house” foreign
                                        exchange expert. When you choose Olympia, it is like adding a currency expert to your team, we work with you to
                                        understand your foreign exchange needs and provide you with the best products and services tailored to meet your needs.
                                        Saving on foreign exchange isn’t just about getting the best rate; volatility in the foreign exchange market can cost or save
                                        you thousands. Having a partner like Olympia watch the markets for you, will make a huge di erence to your bottom line,
                                        while allowing you to spend your valuable time focusing on your core business.

                                                  100% Security

                                                                                 With Olympia your funds are protected 100%. When you book a foreign exchange
                                                                                 transaction with Olympia, your funds are places in a segregated trust account throughout
                                                                                 the entire transaction. Once we have delivered your funds to your payee(s), we complete
                                                                                 the transaction. Don’t sacri ce security for a good rate. Get the best of both worlds and
                                                                                 allow Olympia to put your mind at ease with 100% security on your currency exchange.

                      Great Rates

                                                              Olympia handles more than $2 Billion annually in foreign exchange transactions. This volume allows us to
                                                              take advantage of rates reserved only for large nancial institutions. Olympia foreign exchange also
                                                              shares our operating overhead with other Olympia divisions, allowing us to operate with far tighter
                                                              margins than our competitors, and pass rates not typically seen in the FX market to our clients.
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