Market Comment: May 8

By / May 8, 2012

Good morning, Equity and commodity markets across the globe are in the red following more bad news out of Europe.  Germany has been posting very strong fundamental data; however, uncertainty surrounding empty governments across Europe is dominating headlines. After failing to forge a new government in Greece over the weekend, the leader of the New… Read more

Market Comment: May 7

By / May 7, 2012

Good morning, Investors are running for the exits and shedding risk following a slew of bad European news over the weekend.  This biggest headline was likely the French Presidential election, which saw President Sarkozy cede defeat to the very socialist Francois Hollande.  Hollande made it quite clear that he plans to renegotiate the current austerity… Read more

Market Comment: May 1

By / May 1, 2012

Good morning, The Aussie dollar lost over 1% against its major peers following a surprise interest rate cut by the Royal Bank of Australia.  Economists were anticipating a 0.25% cut; however, the central bank cut the overnight rate by 0.50% to 3.75% – the deepest cut since 2009.  The cut in interest rates was fueled… Read more

Market Comment: April 30

By / April 30, 2012

Good morning, The Canadian dollar has lost half-a-cent against the greenback following today’s Canadian February GDP miss (-0.2% vs. expected 0.2%).  Though pulling back from Friday’s close, an 8-month high against the USD, the Loonie remains in very strong territory as investors predict Canada will be the first among G-7 nations to raise interest rates…. Read more

Market Comment: April 27

By / April 27, 2012

Good morning, The US Dollar is trading weaker this morning after posting a big miss in Q1 GDP, which came to print at 2.2%, well below the expected 2.6%.  Making matters worse, 0.6% of the 2.2% was an increase in inventories, while fixed investment was a meagre 0.2%.  The USD/CAD is now trading at the… Read more

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