Bank of Canada Leaves Rates Unchanged

By / June 5, 2012

Market Comment Markets are tame this morning, even as the G7 meetings come to an anti-climactic conclusion and the Bank of Canada signalled a potential cut in interest rates. Spanish Rescue Needed Spain has now officially asked the EU for a bailout for its banks. Spain pegs the issue at roughly €50 billion; however, as… Read more

Portuguese Banks Get Rescue Funds

By / June 4, 2012

Market Comment Equity markets are calm and currency markets have reversed to open the week on rumours of a grand plan out of Europe. Investors will be keeping their eyes on the ECB, the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England, who all meet this week to discuss interest rates. Portuguese Bank Recapitalization The… Read more

By / June 1, 2012

Market Comment Markets are plunging today following a huge miss in US non-farm payrolls. The US dollar has risen 75 basis points against the Loonie and is trading at the highest level seen since November 2011, up over 5.5% since the beginning of May. Huge Miss in US Jobs Data US non-farm payrolls in May… Read more

US Data Misses

By / May 31, 2012

Market Comment Equity markets are calm this morning after selling off nearly 1.5% yesterday. Risk aversion continues to be evident in credit markets; 10-year US Treasury yields are under 1.6%, a new record low yield. Weak US Data US weekly unemployment claims and the ADP non-farm employment change report both posted big negative surprises. Weekly… Read more

China Says No To Stimulus

By / May 30, 2012

Market Comment The US Dollar is back on the rise following China’s announcement that they have no plan to introduce a stimulus package to spur economic growth. As a result; risk aversion has safe-haven assets on the rise today: USD, JPY, & US Treasuries. Troubles in Spain Accelerate Spain’s economic woes remain in the spotlight… Read more

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