US Non-Farm Payrolls Miss The Mark

By / July 6, 2012

Market Comment Equity and commodity markets are selling off following this morning’s miss in US non-farm payrolls. Markets will need to wait for more negative data before stimulus will be firmly on the table. US NFP Misses US payrolls rose 80K, well below the expected 97K for June, marking the 4th straight miss in a… Read more

ECB & China Cut Interest Rates

By / July 5, 2012

Market Comment Markets are mixed this morning following the announcement of rate cuts from the ECB and People’s Bank of China. The USD/CAD is unchanged while the Euro has fallen nearly 150 basis points against the USD and CAD overnight. Surprise Chinese Rate Cut The PBoC surprised markets with their decision to cut interest rates… Read more

Commodities Surge Higher

By / July 3, 2012

Market Comment The Canadian dollar has gained nearly one-cent against the USD since Friday’s close following a 10% gain in Crude Oil since the beginning of Friday. Crude Higher on Iran Embargo Crude Oil has surged higher on concerns over the implementation of the Oil embargo in Iran beginning July 1st. The strong rally in… Read more

Positive Developments at EU Summit

By / June 29, 2012

Market Comment Markets are scorching higher this morning on positive developments from yesterday’s EU summit. Equities across the globe are up 2-4%, commodities are trading higher and the Canadian dollar has gained nearly two cents from yesterday’s low. EU Summit Asset prices are on the rise this morning following yesterday’s EU summit. EU leaders have… Read more

Spanish Cost of Debt Back Above 7%

By / June 28, 2012

Market Comment Markets are selling off this morning and traders are taking risk off the table following Germany’s denial of a report that the country would support shared liability (‘Eurobonds’) of sovereign EU debt. The Euro gained then lost 40 basis points on the news and subsequent denial. Spanish Bond Yields Above 7% Spanish 10-yr… Read more

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