Market Updates

    USD Surges into North American Open

    By / November 7, 2017

    Tuesday, November 7 2017 The CAD is struggling with Saudi driven USD strength into the North American open today. Domestic risk also remains elevated ahead of today’s speech by BoC Governor Poloz. Fundamentals are quiet until tomorrow’s Building Permit and Housing Start releases. The USD is benefiting from the developing situation in Saudi Arabia and… Read more

    CAD Continues Trend Upwards

    By / December 8, 2016

    The CAD has continued its gains trending upward since yesterday morning. News was limited to second tier releases but positive ones at that. Building Permits impressed coming in a massive beat over their 1.6% forecast at 8.7%. While NHPI was also a narrow beat coming in at 0.4% vs. the expected 0.2%.   The USD… Read more

    CAD Incurs Slight Losses on US Fundamentals

    By / April 21, 2016

    Thursday, April 21, 2016 The CAD has shown resilience throughout the week on the back of propped up crude prices. No news today will leave the CAD vulnerable to the broader market tone, as well as the path of oil. Although all signs are pointing to an increase in production and a continuing build of inventories,… Read more

    CAD Holds Strong into News Heavy Friday

    By / March 18, 2016

    Friday, March 18, 2016   The CAD is continuing its significant rally on the back of overall USD weakness as well as improving fundamentals. CPI was a near miss coming in at 0.2% agasint the 0.3% expectation while Core CPI was in line with its 0.5% forecast. Retail Sales as well as their Core counterpart… Read more

    USD Falls Against CAD on Shift in Sentiment

    By / April 8, 2014

    Good morning, The US dollar index has fallen 0.5% this morning while the Canadian dollar is stronger thanks to support from recent fundamentals and an improving US economy. Yesterday’s Bank of Canada outlook painted the Canadian economy in a more favorable light than recent months; however, today’s February building permits release was beyond disappointing, falling… Read more

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