December 27, 2017

    CAD Strong Following Holiday Break

    By / December 27, 2017

    Wednesday, December 27 2017 The CAD is showing good strength following the holiday break into the North American open. No news to report on out of Canada today leaves the CAD responding to news elsewhere on what should be a quiet trading day. Fundamentals out of Canada are non-existent this week. The USD is struggling… Read more

    CAD Trades in Range to End Week

    By / December 22, 2017

    Friday, December 22 2017 The CAD is strong and benefiting from larger than expected CPI numbers but still trading within its recent range. News today was a bit disappointing with GDP numbers falling short of the 0.2% forecast at 0.0%. The USD is mixed against most of its G10 peers ahead of the holiday weekend…. Read more

    CAD Surges on Positive Fundamentals

    By / December 21, 2017

    Thursday, December 21 2017 The CAD is strong and up over a full cent on encouraging fundamentals ahead of the holiday weekend. CPI numbers were solid coming in ahead of the 0.2% forecast at 0.3% while Core Retail Sales was a massive beat doubling the 0.4% expectation at 0.8%. Median and Trimmed CPI were beats… Read more

    CAD Retraces Gains and Trades Within Range

    By / December 20, 2017

    Wednesday, December 20 2017 The CAD has lost most of its early gains and now trades just above the range we saw throughout the trading day yesterday. Fundamentals were limited to second tier Wholesale Sales numbers which impressed coming in well ahead of the 0.5% forecast at 1.5%. Tomorrow brings an important morning of news… Read more

    CAD Slides on Positive US Fundamentals

    By / December 19, 2017

    Tuesday, December 19 2017 The CAD is down on the morning but has retraced some of the losses seen first thing this morning. News was absent today as far as fundamentals with most of the movement likely to come from overall sentiment as well as American fundamentals. News is fairly limited until Thursday’s CPI and… Read more

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