November 30, 2017

    CAD Continues to Struggle into Open

    By / November 30, 2017

    Thursday, November 30 2017 The CAD has extended its losses this morning touching a one month low earlier today. Fundamental releases were limited to Current Account which impressed coming in just ahead of the -20.0B forecast at -19.3B. Tomorrow is a big morning of news for Canada with employment data as well as GDP numbers being released in the AM. The USD is strong against most with investors reacting to not only positive fundamentals but… Read more

    CAD Tumbles Further on US Fundamentals

    By / November 29, 2017

    Wednesday, November 29 2017 The CAD is weak again and down about 2 cents since the short lived high seen on Monday. No fundamentals to report on this morning is leaving the CAD reacting to the path of crude as well as ongoing testimony from Fed members. Tomorrow’s Current Account numbers headline the AM news for Canada. The USD continuing its recent strength being lifted by improved overall sentiment as well as encouraging fundamentals. Prelim… Read more

    CAD Continues to Slide

    By / November 28, 2017

    Tuesday, November 28 2017 The CAD is soft and down over a cent on the week thus far. Data was limited to second tier RMPI and IPPI data points which reported at 3.8% and 1.0% respectively. BoC Governor Poloz speaks later this morning which could cause some movement depending on his verbiage. The USD is strong and up against most currencies on the back of speculation of the upcoming tax bill. News impressed this morning… Read more

    CAD Trades in Tight Range to End Week

    By / November 24, 2017

    Friday, November 24 2017 The CAD is slightly stronger this morning but has traded in a very tight range since Wednesday. Fundamentals were limited to second tier Corporate Profits which came in a strong 8.5%, a nice improvement from last quarter’s 0.1% print. Crude has continued to gain steam and is now trading in the mid-$58 range. The USD is continuing its disappointing November performance and sliding against most of the G10 currency pairs. News… Read more

    CAD Continues Strength as Crude Surges

    By / November 22, 2017

    Wednesday, November 22 2017 The CAD is continuing with the strength we saw yesterday throughout the trading day. No fundamental releases to report on this morning is leaving the CAD reacting to crude’s recent strength. Crude Oil Inventories showed a 1.9M barrel draw compared with the expected draw of 1.4M barrels. WTI is has now settled in the upper $57 range. The USD is mixed again and movement is relatively limited ahead of the FOMC… Read more

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