July 28, 2016

    USD Falls After Fed Announcement

    By / July 28, 2016

    The CAD has made gains of about a cent overnight and into the North American open from the lows seen yesterday. News is absent again which will leave most market participant’s focus on tomorrow’s GDP numbers.   The USD is under broad pressure but for the most part seems to be handling it well. After… Read more


    What is a Currency Carry Trade?

    By / July 27, 2016

    In the foreign exchange market, carry trade is a term that is heard very often. The carry trade is based on the fact that every currency trade is tied to a country, and tied to that country is an interest rate. These key interest rates are set by the central banks of each country. For… Read more

    CAD Gives up Early Gains on Crude

    By / July 27, 2016

    After showing early morning strength the CAD has fallen after oil inventories came out a large build. Inventories were expected to decline by 2.1M barrels but instead showed a build of 1.7M. Crude now sits in the low $42 range and is doing little to curb the recent CAD weakness.   The USD is mixed… Read more

    CAD Quiet with Focus on Tomorrow’s FOMC

    By / July 26, 2016

    The CAD is trading just above the multi-month lows seen yesterday. Again news is absent out of Canada leaving the CAD vulnerable to outside market forces. Oil has fallen again and now sits in the mid $42 range. The broader market tone is likely to dominate throughout the week until Friday’s important GDP release.  … Read more

    Common Foreign Exchange Terms

    By / July 25, 2016

    The Forex market is an unpredictable arena complete with many terms that may be foreign, or not fully understood by those who trade in the foreign exchange market on a regular basis. Whether you are getting foreign currency for your vacation, deal in US dollars regularly in your business, or have taken your chances trying to… Read more

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