September 30, 2015

    CAD Makes Slight Gains on Positive GDP Release

    By / September 30, 2015

    The CAD is quiet but has made gains since hitting 11-year lows yesterday. Positive GDP numbers have been released out of Canada beating the expectation of 0.2% coming out at 0.3%. CAD has been trading within a surprisingly low range since Monday’s loss with. News is fairly quiet for the rest of the week with just RBC Manufacturing PMI being released tomorrow. Some mixed news out of the US has seen the USD slide slightly… Read more

    CAD Soft Again Flirting with 14-year Lows

    By / September 29, 2015

    The CAD is soft modestly declining this morning, putting it into levels last seen in June of 2004. Fairly limited news out of Canada but with RMPI and IPPI being reported above their respective expectations. RMPI was still reported a negative number however better than expected coming out at -6.6% against the expected -7.3%. IPPI was also less negative than expected being reported at -0.3% vs. the forecast -0.8%. Tomorrow’s GDP numbers will be very… Read more

    CAD Soft with Quiet News Week Ahead

    By / September 28, 2015

    The CAD is flat to last week’s close after retracing some early morning losses today. No fundamentals out of Canada leaves the CAD vulnerable to US data as well as the broader tone of the market. This is a fairly quiet news week aside from Wednesday’s important GDP release. Oil is down slightly again today but still trading within its relatively narrow range. A number of FOMC members have spoken this morning about the state… Read more

    CAD Quiet in Absence of Domestic Data

    By / September 25, 2015

    The CAD is flat this morning and consolidating just below yesterday’s close. With no fundamental data domestically, the CAD is prone to volatility due to other market factors. Analysts are pointing to further downside risk due to the broader tone as well as Yellen’s pragmatic speech late yesterday. The USD is strong yet again with positive fundamentals as well as a positive tone out of Fed chair Yellen in her speech yesterday. Final GDP numbers… Read more

    Corporate Foreign Exchange Tips For Business

    By / September 24, 2015

    Foreign Exchange Tips For Business   5 Corporate Foreign Exchange Tips For Business With such volatile foreign exchange markets, it has never been more critical for Canadian businesses who are conducting business outside of the country to approach currency exchange with a strategy to avoid being at the mercy of the markets. In the last year alone the Canadian dollar has fluctuated by approximately 20%. Although very few could have anticipated such a drastic decline… Read more

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