June 26, 2015

    Quiet Morning of News Leaves Focus on Greece

    By / June 26, 2015

    CAD is soft and trading within a very narrow range, which is surprising with all the geopolitical issues ongoing as well as a lack of domestic data this week. Measures of volatility for the CAD have simmered down to levels last seen in January which leaves it at risk for a renewed period of market… Read more

    CAD up Against USD Despite Positive US News

    By / June 25, 2015

    CAD is quiet again today with a lack of domestic news and the only event coming from council member Schembri’s speech later on this morning. CAD correlation has shifted to a more centered view on the US outlook and the USD’s broad strength. The US had a number of data points released this morning most… Read more

    USD Strong with Risk Aversion out of Europe

    By / June 24, 2015

    CAD is flat this morning against most major currencies, however down against the EUR and USD, which has made gains based on the ongoing Greek issue. Again no domestic news out of Canada as CAD relies on geopolitical events and the broadly strong USD for any movement. The sole event this week is tomorrow’s speech… Read more

    CAD Risk Lies in With Heavy US News Week

    By / June 23, 2015

    CAD is soft this morning, and with a lack of domestic news, basing its path on the broadly strong USD. Risk this week has shifted to the heavy US data week with no Canadian data being released this week. The sole event for Canada is Thursday’s speech from council member Schembri. A number of mixed… Read more

    CAD Strong Coming into Quiet News Week

    By / June 22, 2015

    A quiet morning of news out of Canada has seen the CAD rise slightly, outperforming its peers on oil price gains. News is very lacking this week out of Canada with the only event coming Wednesday with council member Schembri speaking. We look to broader developments out of the US and Europe and the potential… Read more

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