February 29, 2012

    Market Comment: February 29

    By / February 29, 2012

    Good morning, Equity and commodity markets are heading higher while the US dollar trades weaker following a better than expected LTRO (long-term refinancing operation) in Europe, helping push the Canadian dollar to a 5-month high. Over 800 banks approached the ECB asking for 3-year loans in the latest round of LTRO.  The ECB allotted €530bn in refinancing, well below the majority of estimates (€600-€800bn).  Clouding the otherwise good news is the number of banks which… Read more

    Market Comment: February 27

    By / February 28, 2012

    Good morning, Markets are soft this morning following weak economic data and more bad news for Greece as the ECB is no longer accepting Greek bonds as collateral.  Standard & Poor’s has downgraded Greece to Selective Default following the Greek government’s retroactive addition of collective action clauses, which require 75% of all private bondholders to agree to the swap program.  As a result, the ECB has suspended the eligibility of Greek debt as collateral for… Read more

    Market Comment – Risk aversion is gripping markets">

    Market Comment – Risk aversion is gripping markets

    By / February 27, 2012

    Good morning, Risk aversion is gripping markets and the US dollar is trading stronger following this weekend’s G-20 meeting in Mexico.  Equities across the globe are in the red and Crude Oil is leading the Canadian dollar weaker. G-20 members have agreed that no additional aid will be extended to the IMF until European leaders show better leadership and EU nations have more skin in the game.  The Euro has lost one-cent against the USD,… Market Comment – Risk aversion is gripping markets“>Read more

    Market Comment: February 24

    By / February 24, 2012

    Good morning, Markets are fairly calm, though continue to inch higher leading into the weekend where we see G20 finance ministers gather in Mexico to Europe’s funding needs. The Euro has been on a tear all week, gaining 3-cents against both the USD and CAD as markets price in all of the easing the ECB is throwing at the Euro zone.  German 4th quarter GDP was finalized as expected at -0.2%, so no major news… Read more

    Market Comment: February 23

    By / February 23, 2012

    Good morning, Markets are quiet this morning with no major news, economic or otherwise, to report.  Likely the most important, the European Commission slashed 2012 EU GDP to -0.3% from 0.5% as a recession is now expected to hit Europe sooner than later.  Major European banks are beginning to take massive write-downs on Greek debt as they begin to report quarterly and annual results.  RBS took a $1.7b loss on its Greek holdings while Commerzbank,… Read more

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